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Why A Netbook Is Actually Far Better Than A Laptop

Why A Netbook Is Actually Far Better Than A Laptop

Laptops have become common place in the student community. Students require a machine that is not too high priced yet sturdy enough to take the knocks a students life hands out. There are many ways to configure a laptop to lower the price. The best way is to start with a smaller screen size. If it is to be used for gaming the specs should be increased.

No matter how big the rubber feet are on the bottom of my keyboard, it still moves when I play. I am a bit older and I play hard. When I am furiously slamming keys to throw a grenade, I sometimes move the keyboard. The best way I have found to remedy this issue is to cover my desktop in some kind of cloth. I started with an old towel but that moved too. My wife came up with the idea of sewing Velcro to the towel and then gluing the other side of the Velcro under my desk. This way I could secure the towel to my desk and my keyboard was stable. My wife later purchased some cloth and made a nice cover for my desk that Velcro's under the desktop to stay in place. Now I can eat chips while I play, my keyboard does not move and cleanup is a breeze!

The construction of a customize my own desk is also incredibly simple. Most are contemporary looking and feature a solid metal construction with very little storage space. In fact, the most storage space that you'll see in such a desk is that used to house CDs and DVDs. One feature that all of these desks do include though is a slide out keyboard.

Sure. It's true. You can play computer games at a regular desk, in a regular chair using ordinary furniture. If you are one of those people, however, who are more than ready to take their gaming experience to the next level, then ordinary will not work for you. With these gaming furnishing packages, you are getting everything you need to set up an elite gaming area either in its own special room or in a section of an existing room. Either way, you'll be locked into the game in a comfortable seat, surround-sound and furniture that puts every aspect of computer gaming in the optimal position for your enjoyment.

A PC is great for playing online games, most computers are already hooked up to the internet to logging on is easy. And when using the computer for games, you can still do other things, for example, listen to downloaded music or chat with friends with instant messengers. Most games can be downloaded from the internet saving time from shopping in stores. There are even sample games you can play to see if you like them before buying.

The secondary accessory you should have is a lamp that comes with a incandescent or "warm white" CFL bulb. For most of those in the working force, we spend over forty hours a week working at our desks. If you want to keep your eyes healthy while at work, you need to get rid of bright fluorescent lights because they increase the risk of cataracts. According to one study,working under bright fluorescent light for forty or more hours can increase the risk of certain eye diseases. Therefore, it is essential to get a lamp with a CFL bulb in order to put less strain on your eyes.

A laser mouse can be used on almost any surface without issue. This uses a laser that often has a base that you can use on a laptop, or any other computer. A laser mouse will be very accurate and is great for gaming, or anything else you do on the computer that requires good accuracy.

Logitech, one of the mouse manufacturers, has come up with the cordless air mouse. With laser tracking and "Freespace" motion technology, the device is very easy to use. Wave and click control along with hand gestures, make this mouse work. Logitech also produced Bluetooth computer mice, gaming mice, and interchangeable grips.

IF you have noticed that when you get up from your computer your back is stiff and your muscles ache this could be due to poor seating. A solution to this problem is to get an ergonomic desk chair. These are not as cheap as standard computer desk chairs but will give your back, neck and shoulder much better support.

The ability to upgrade a computer is another important factor. When you run out of hard drive space, you may just toss the old computer and computer games get a new one. But often improving your computer may be the cheaper and easier option. Website URL: